Employee Development

We are committed to investing in our employees learning and development in order to achieve our business objectives, meet the needs of our customers, and to help staff realise their full potential.

The Learning and Development provided is designed to help us achieve our Vision, Mission and Values.

In-House Learning & Development Programmes

Our staff are afforded access to a range of Learning & Development programmes provided via our in-house L&D Team. Courses include core professional skills including corporate induction, equality & diversity, finance, HR and leadership, as well as IT and extensive Health & Safety training activities.

Our development programmes are delivered via a wide range of blended learning solutions designed to help us achieve our goals, including;

  • Training courses
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • E-learning
  • Job shadowing
  • Internal job opportunities
  • Funded Professional Qualifications
  • Team Building

Professional Development

In addition to our in-house training programmes we offer funded support for employees to undertake professional qualifications and attend continuous professional development events. We aim to ensure that our staff have access to up to date knowledge to enable them to achieve in their jobs and further their career.

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