About Us

LMH Group is a socially-driven housing provider, serving customers and communities across Liverpool and the North West.

Our journey started on 1st April 2008, when Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) was established to manage over 15,000 homes following a stock transfer from Liverpool City Council.

As a not-for-profit organisation with a strong social purpose, LMH has always had big plans to improve lives and communities. This vision is now delivered as part of a broad-ranging Group structure, which includes:

LMH - landlord services, focused on quality homes for affordable rent

HMS - construction, repairs and maintenance contracting services, for LMH and clients across the North West

LMH Developments - building 350 new homes every year until 2021, helping to tackle the region’s housing crisis

ComMutual - reinvesting surpluses generated across the Group (the ‘social dividend’) into meaningful social initiatives

Our member organisations are united by a common purpose – to make a positive difference to local people and their communities.

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